The IR Planner Association of Japan

Outline of Certified IR Planner (CIRP) Certification

With the advent of a new era in M&As, listed companies are required, now more than ever, to strengthen their relationship of trust with investors and shareholders. Investor Relations (IR) is one of the vital activities within corporate management, bridging listed companies and the capital market.
CIRP is the certification authorized by the IR Planners Association of Japan (IRPA) to verify that an IR officer has attained the required knowledge, including familiarity with such areas as the capital market, disclosure, compliance, corporate governance and enterprise value.

CIRP has two levels of certification
CIRP (Certified IR Planner) : for persons with no actual IR experience
CIPP-S (Certified IR Planner S-Grade) : for persons with one-year actual IR experience or more

The CIRP seal

The CIRP seal is proof that CIRP certificate holders are employed in the IR/SR (Shareholder Relations) division of those companies which have the seal posted on their Web site. It demonstrates that a company is proactive in IR/SR activities, as a listed company, and holds these activities in high regard.

How to acquire CIRP certification

CIRP certificates are acquired by registering as a member of the IRPA after passing its certification exam. Attendance at seminars designated by the IRPA is also required in advance.